There are a lot of Cyber Monday specials available to Evil Inc henchpeople today! There’s a little something for everyone! Here’s a quick guide:

NSFW wall calendar

For a limited time, you can get the NSFW wall calendar! My Patreon backers got the first crack at this for a special price, and in a couple weeks, it’s going back to being a Patreon exclusive.

Before you check out, check RetailMeNot for an additional discount. Redbubble has been doing that a lot! For example, today only, use code CYBERMON to get 20% off!

  • Large format — 11.7″ (W) x 16.5″ (H)
  • 12 months
  • Tough wire binding and hanger
  • Stunningly sharp digital printing
  • 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover


Ruby of Ragnoor

If your tastes run more along the SFW variety, you have an opportunity to grab a copy of the ninth Evil Inc graphic novel, “The Ruby of Ragnoor.” Use code CYBER-MON to get 25% off!

As with all of the Evil Inc graphic novels the individual panels of the daily comic strip are combined with extra original content and then re-designed into a continuous narrative. Some of the content in the book has not appeared anywhere online. It’s 113 pages of full-color fun.

Digital Comics

And if you’d rather have eBooks… Drive ThruComics is having a sale on the first six volumes of Evil Inc Annual Report!

The Complete Greystone Inn hardcover

Greystone_Inn_bookUse code CYBER40 to get 40% off! That lowers the price from $60 to about $36! Greystone Inn was my first webcomic. It ran six days a week from February 2000 to June 2005. And this beautifully printed 416-page hardcover book collects the first comic through the last. GI, of course, provided the jumping-off point for Evil Inc. In fact, the very first official Evil Inc comic was Lighting Lady (who first appeared in Greystone) interviewing for a job with the evil corporation.

In addition to the complete collection, there’s a thirty-page introduction that includes:

  • A sampling of my high-school- and college-era editorial cartoons.
  • Three weeks of a comic-strip prototype I created in college.
  • Nine weeks of the unpublished strip that was the precursor to Greystone, called Single Guy.
  • All of the details behind my introduction to cartooning, the failed syndicate submissions, and the path that brought me to webcomics.

Over the life of Greystone, there were four collections created — three book were published by Plan 9 Publishing, and I published a fourth. Plan 9 has since disappeared and those books are nearly impossible to find.