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This comic is about a local branch office of Evil Inc, a national corporation run by supervillains for supervillains. It’s like any other workplace except the dress code leans heavily towards spandex, and interdepartmental conflicts sometimes involve lasers and a trip to the emergency room. (When these folks punch in at the beginning of the day, they really mean it.) It’s a workplace filled with secret identities, secret weapons and secret passageways… yet the biggest secret of all may be a budding romance between one employee, Miss Match, and the city’s top superhero, Captain Heroic.

This comic is a spin-off of my first webcomic, Greystone Inn, a comic strip about a comic strip starring a gargoyle. Greystone ran daily from 2000 to 2005 and was also published in a few newspapers. Lightning Lady was introduced in Greystone as and quickly became a central character. A few other characters have also been transplanted into the new strip, including Lightning Lady’s boyfriend, Keagan, a stand-up comedian who used to be head writer for the fictional “Greystone” comic strip. Argus the gargoyle, the star of Greystone Inn is not among those who were transplanted into the new strip. However, that doesn’t mean he’s lost forever.