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Evil Inc. is about a corporation run by and for super-villains. Join the CEO (Chief Evil Officer) Evil Atom, a Silver-Age-villain-turned-businessman; Lightning Lady, a recovering supervillainess; Dr. Haynus, a brain-in-a-jar symbiotically joined to a puppy dog; and the rest of the employees who give a new meaning to “punching in” for the day.

Evil Atom

Evil Atom is an aging supervillain and the founder of Evil Inc. He founded Evil Inc. on the concept that you could get away with more evil if you did it legally. He formed his empire small, opening a mom-and-pop lair. Soon, he was acquiring other evil operations, staging hostile buyouts, and massing his fortune.

As a supervillain, Evil Atom was one of the top bad guys. He battled A-list heroes like Titanic Man, a character who also appeared in an early Greystone Inn storyline.

This comic is a spin-off of my first webcomic, Greystone Inn, a comic strip about a comic strip starring a gargoyle. Greystone ran daily from 2000 to 2005 and was also published in a few newspapers. Lightning Lady was introduced in Greystone as and quickly became a central character. A few other characters have also been transplanted into the new strip, including Lightning Lady’s boyfriend, Keagan, a stand-up comedian who used to be head writer for the fictional “Greystone” comic strip. Argus the gargoyle, the star of Greystone Inn is not among those who were transplanted into the new strip. However, that doesn’t mean he’s lost forever.