Romantic tension squares
Making it reign
Is She Worth It?
Three Seasons Hotel
Picking up a princess
In Security
Meet the princess
Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge
Hot pursuit
Roasting Cops
Going for a run…
Intermission — Spider-Man vs Stilt-Man
Social Distancing at Evil Inc
Where IS Miss Match?
The meeting
We’d Rather Not
Introducing Cassandra Cruz
Captain Heroic to the rescue
The NEW Captain Heroic
Cap’s new relationship
Commander Heroic stumbles
Commander to the rescue
Where’s the mayor?
Gimme a shot
Women are attracted to power
Phone booths
“With all due respect…”
The inside story
Things are heating up
A grim future
Where were we?
Beauty AND brains
Behind the door
The Joy of Sox
Middle management
Work History
Holiday notice
Plan D
Wappity bappity
Nothing at all
Wait til your father gets home
Guiding light
A talk with mom
Ms Amazing
Miss Match gets debriefed
Iron Dragon’s idea
The honey trap
Avoiding a subpoena
Psy-Chick confronts Miss match
Only one thing to say…
Wingman’s wingman
Do something
Soft on crime…
CHAPTER 7: Try not to laugh
You’re fired
Morning wood
The untimely death of Drakkar Noir
Run away!
“This changes everything…”
Down for the count
One brain cell at a time
Like asking a bird not to fly
“Get ready to see stars!”
“I coulda worded that better…”
“I just need a few seconds…”
Liar, Liar…
The nose knows
Weather Warrior
Oh, goodness…
Frisky business
The first date
You’re hired
False alarm
Mister Packer, C.P.A.
Look into my eye… deeper…
Desi’s horns
Deshrouder demon
Meatballs with tails
Another woman
Drakkar Noir
A Captain, by any other name
Baby steps
Ask me out
Room service
Less blurry
Knockin’ boots
I’ll never give up