Bonus content for my Patreon backers from Blooming Faeries!


Patreon_textbug‘Tis the season for giving, so I’m proud to be bringing my Patreon backers some extra special bonus content this week! Jaycee Knight is the proprietor of Blooming Faeries, a very NSFW comic featuring the mischievous and naughty pranks & curses of faeries upon unsuspecting (but always deserving) humans. It’s a bit sexy, a bit funny, and very entertaining. It explores some sexual fantasies, though not in an explicit or pornographic manner.

The site is divided into two parts: the webcomic strip and the blog. The webcomic is updated Monday. The blog entries, updated several times a week, features modern-day situations involving a complete set of real-world characters.

It’s a true favorite of mine.

PLUS, there’s a members-only section that updates with lots of great NSFW comics, including Li Fang Fei, a Faerie Whisperer.

Thanks to Jaycee, you now have access to nine phenomenal pages to introduce you to this world. The art is fantastic, and the story is smokin’ hot.

If you’ve been considering backing my Patreon for NSFW features like Evil Inc After Dark, Uncensored Courting Disaster and NSFW commissions… now you have even more reasons to take the plunge!