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Sam Snood, Turkey Detective


Greystone_Inn_bookMy first daily comic-strip project was Greystone Inn. It was a cross between Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Larry Sanders Show. In other words, cartoon characters were living, breathing entities. In Greystone, the main character, Argus, was a cartoon gargoyle who was the star of a comic strip (which was produced much like a TV series). Like Larry Sanders, most of the action took place behind the scenes, with brief glimpses at the actual show being produced.

The Sam Snood storyline — a Thanksgiving special featuring a turkey detective — was one of those glimpses. It was also my heartfelt homage to one of my favorite movies of all time — The Maltese Falcon.

Since we’re headed headlong into Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to post the entire storyline for you to enjoy. I hope you like it. If nothing else, it’s fun to see how much things have changed since I first posted this stuff in 2002!

The Complete Greystone Inn is a 416-page hardcover collection of every Greystone Inn strip from start to finish.