A warning from a mentor

Three years... and counting

For the past three years. I've posted more than one exclusive Patreon post for every day in the year. That's 1,109 posts over 1,096 days — with 374 last year alone! Since my readers have decided to use Patreon to support my work in comics, I've decided that Patreon was going to be my top priority. (I discussed this in a podcast a while back, in case you'd like more background.) In short, you're welcomed to read Evil Inc on this site — or on others, like Webtoons. And if you like it, I hope you'll consider supporting the Kickstarters I'll be launching for printed projects in 2019. But if you want to read exclusive comics like Cape Carnival, Evil Inc After Dark, Courting Disaster — along with bonus comics, commissioned illustrations, livestream events, and much more — you'll want to join us on Patreon! And if you do decide to join, I've got three years of steady performance to give you some idea of what you'll get for your money. Speaking of which...

Patreon by the Numbers

I've built an archive of over 1,500 exclusive posts since I started — and all of that content is available to new backers the moment they pledge. About half of these fall under the NSFW flag. That's a lot of content for my Patreon backers. Last month, I posted 37 exclusive posts for my backers. Here’s what you're missing... 6 — Artist Edition illustrations 5 — (NSFW) Sketch posts 3 — (NSFW) Commissions 3 — Cape Carnival cartoons 2 —Evil Inc previews 2 — SFW commission 2 — (NSFW) Evil Inc After Dark pages 2 — (NSFW) Artist Edition illustrations 2 — (NSFW) Courting Disaster cartoons 2 — (NSFW) Livestream drawing sessions 1 — (NSFW) Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package 1 — (NSFW) Monthly reward package 1 — Evil Inc (full-page version not available anywhere else) 1 — Ask Me Anything column: Recommendations for NSFW comics 1 — Livestream drawing session 1 — SFW sketch 1 — Bonus! Drive eComic from Dave Kellett 1 — Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package Sound good? You get instant access to 600+ exclusive NSFW posts the moment you join us on Patreon.

Patreon by the numbers

Here’s a roundup of what my Patreon backers have gotten over the previous months. Click each month to get a thorough breakdown of the posts uploaded during that time...
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