Dave Kellett attended Comics Camp, an event hosted by Alaska Robotics, and he’s back — filled to the brim with joy and enthusiasm — from this annual retreat/comic convention. You can get on an e-mailing list for next year’s event here. He shares stories from the week, including:

  • Ursaphobic Stan Lee
  • Classes taught by fellow cartoonists
  • The importance of play in revitalizing an adult’s creativity
  • Anonymously sharing income sources
  • Dissatisfaction and Imposter Syndrome occur at all levels of success
  • Dave Malki, Scott C., and Dave Kellett… out-of-sync snoring
  • “You’re kinda like a Comics Dad!”
  • Re-evaluating happiness after bring offline for four days.
  • New projects launched that weekend.

NCSFest — Huntington Beach

I’ll be making my first comic-con appearance in nearly three years this weekend in Huntington Beach, California, for NCSFest. If you’re in the area, drop by and say hello! It’s a free event, and there’s going to be tons of stuff going on — including a live taping of ComicLab!