Honestly… Applebees used to be my all-time-favorite restaurant. Then I moved out of the suburbs.

Phenomenal Lass beach commission-cropPatreon by the Numbers

August was one helluva hot month — in real life and over on the Patreon page. Once again, I reached my goal of one exclusive Patreon post for every day in the month — about a half of which were NSFW. Here’s a look at all of the exclusive posts you may have missed.

11 NSFW sketches

8 Evil Inc previews

4 NSFW commissions

3 NSFW Evil Inc After Dark pages

2 Tag-of-the-Week posts (a guide to the 500+ archived Patreon-exclusive posts)

1 eComic collecting three months of Evil Inc

1 NSFW Courting Disaster

1 Sketch

1 Monthly link package

1 Desktop wallpaper / mobile background

Here’s a roundup of how some previous months in 2016 broke down: January… February… MarchApril… June… July

Tales from the Con


If you’re not reading Tales from the Con, a comic I wrote (drawn by Scoot McMahon) for Emerald City Comicon, you’ve got some catching-up to. Here’s the TFTC archive.