Mirror, mirror in my hand… why is it I look so bland?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Evil Inc will return next week! This week, it’s a couple of Arch Bros strips inspired by daily life around the Guigar household. Have a safe and satiating holiday! When you get back, we’l pick up the Evil Inc story where we left off.

Patreon updates, as always, will continue as usual.

Speaking of Patreon…


ei_after_dark_015c_cropI’ve got some great stuff lined up for this week over at Patreon. First up, I’ll be posting the rest of the NSFW commissioned illustration you see cruelly cropped above. Unfortunately, that little hooter who wants to grow up to be a fierce owl is going to have to wait until the magician’s apprentice can hone his spellcasting… and his homophones.

Meanwhile, in this week’s Evil Inc After Dark, it’s the conclusion of the storyline that started here in Evil Inc. Captain Heroic and Psy-Chick share a few stolen moments high atop a Fairmount City skyscraper.

All of this — plus deep discounts on the latest Evil Inc graphic novel, “The Ruby of Ragnoor“! This book was Kickstarted this summer, and is now available in both print and digital formats. And, if you prefer to buy it on Amazon, you can do that, too.

AND, Patreon backers at the $10 level and higher have exclusive access to a NSFW wall calendar at a low price — and opportunities to get even deeper discounts with special coupon codes! I’ll be releasing this calendar to the public Monday, and, with spicy pinups like the one cruelly cropped below, I think you’re gonna love it.


What they’re saying…

Don’t take it from me. Here’s what my Patreonieurs and Pateronnelles are saying…

“Mine just showed up today… very good job Brad, everyone should have one!”

— B, talking about the NSFW wall calendar

“I got my copy via the Kickstarter, definitely worth it!”

— JA, talking about “Ruby of Ragnoor”

“Classic double entendre. One of the things I love about this comic.”

— MH

“Funny. Just classic humor in this whole page. Love it”


“You need a hot biker chick heroine or villainess”

—HD, via Twitter

A hot biker-chick villainess, eh? Looks like my Google image search is in for another workout…

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…

Since we’re on the topic, that’s on of those movie quotes that everyone gets wrong. The actual quote from “Show White” is: “Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?”