“Sister wives!” my wife exclaimed, “They want sister wives!” After she told me the whole story, I knew it was gonna be an Arch Bros strip one day.

Patreon By The Numbers

33 posts over the 30 days of June. Where can you get more bang (heh-heh) for your buck than that? That’s been my goal since starting posting exclusive work on Patreon, and I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to deliver there — thanks to the support and encouragement of my backers. If you’ve ever been curious about what you get as a Patreon backer, here’s a brief overview.

8 NSFW sketches

6 Evil Inc spoilers

5 NSFW Evil Inc After Dark (full pages)

3 NSFW illustrations

3 Full-page Evil Inc comics

2 process videos

2 Uncensored Courting Disasters

1 Chapter of Evil Inc erotica — including a full-sized NSFW illustration

1 Illustration (SFW)

1 Desktop / mobile wallpaper

1 Monthly reward package*

* Here’s how the monthly reward packages work. After the monthly payments are processed, I send out links using Patreon’s messaging feature. There will be five links:

  • One for all of the Evil Inc After Dark comics, in order
  • One for all of the uncensored Courting Disaster cartoons
  • One for all of the NSFW commissions
  • One for all of the NSFW sketches
  • One for all of the full-page Evil Inc comics

Clicking any one of those links takes you to an online reader that will allow you to read all of the comics, in order, without having to scroll on the Patreon feed. Because, let’s face it, that feed is nice for keeping up-to-date on new stuff, but it’s not-so-great for digging into the archives or reading, for example, only the EiAD comics.

Those links will expire in thirty days. After that, I send out new links the following month.


Harvey Awards

NEW-HARVEY-LOGO-WEB-2012-2At the beginning of the year, I predicted a runaway for Berke Breathed when award season hit the comics industry. When he returned to produce his classic strip, “Bloom County,” exclusively on Facebook, I expected him to dominate the digital-comics categories in the National Cartoonist Society, Eisner and Harvey awards.

Well, my friend Dave Kellett got a well-earned nod in that category from the NCS, and “Bloom” was ignored entirely by the Eisners.

And now I see another friend of mine — Erika Moen — up against Breathed in the online category for the Harvey Award. Breathed’s work was a touchstone for me during my formative years as a cartoonist. Although I’d love to see one of my idols welcomed to webcomics with an award, I also know the amount of blood, sweat and tears that go into Erika’s work.

Throw in longtime Webcomics.com member Mark Stokes and my Wizard World Columbus neighbor, Trever Mueller — both of whom have nominations in that category — and it’s an embarrassment of riches.

Decisions, decisions…

Final ballots are due to the Harvey Awards by Monday, August 8, 2016. Voters may vote in as many or as few categories as they like.  Email votes or questions to harveys@baltimorecomiccon.com

All ballots must include professional verification information.  The Harvey Awards are voted on exclusively by comic book creators, those who write, draw, ink, color, letter, design, edit, or are involved in the creative aspect of comics.  Fans, retailers, distributors, and accounting personnel votes will not be counted.

To cast your vote as a comics pro, click this link.