Avoiding a subpoena


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This episode of ComicLab is sponsored by Wacom! In this week's show, the ComicLab guys discuss pandering. Is it pandering to create comics that your readers are more likely to respond to? Then, a listener asks if Dave's aware that Clip Studio Paint doesn't have a CMYK mode? And does it matter? Finally, Dave receives a tweet from one of his readers explaining why he couldn't possibly become one if Dave's Patreon backers, touching off an epic rant on fan behavior. BUT FIRST... Dave tells Brad about the time he met Paul Rudd... and sparks flew. QUESTIONS ASKED...
  • To what extent do you pander to your audience?
  • Clip Studio Paint doesn't have a CKMYK mode. Is that a problem?
  • The agonizing eyeroll when a reader explains why they couldn't possibly become a Patreon backer.
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