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Patreon by the Numbers

I've built an archive of about 2,000 exclusive posts since I started — and all of that content is available to new backers the moment they pledge. About half of these fall under the NSFW flag. That's a lot of content for my Patreon backers. Last month, I posted 30 exclusive posts for my backers. Here’s what you're missing... 8 — Bonus comic 4 — (NSFW) Evil Inc After Dark pages 3 — Evil Inc (full-page version not available anywhere else) 3 —Evil Inc previews 3 — (NSFW) Sketch posts 1 — (NSFW) Commissions 1 — (NSFW) 20-page Spinnerette eComic 1 — (NSFW) Evil Inc After Dark livestreams 1 — Cape Carnival cartoon 1 — Sketch 1 — Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package 1 — (NSFW) Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package 1 — (NSFW) LEWDcrate, a 2-gigabyte digital reward package 1 — (NSFW) Cape Carnival After Dark cartoon Sound good? You get instant access to 700+ exclusive NSFW posts the moment you join us on Patreon.

Monthly roundups

Here’s a roundup of what my Patreon backers have gotten over the previous months. Click each month to get a thorough breakdown of the posts uploaded during that time...
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ComicLab Ep. 70: Writing yourself into a corner

Cartoonists Brad Guigar and Dave Kellett welcome Mr. Inktober himself — Jake Parker. Jake talks about why he recently turned down a publishing contract... at the considerable risk of being labeled an "artisanal success." Next, the guys discuss Jake's recent decision to cut back on comic-convention appearances. And finally, all three workshop Jake's Patreon approach. BUT FIRST, Brad becomes angered over his son's forgetfulness, only to find the shoe's on the other foot. Or, rather, it isn't. Join us for sophomoric fun! Support ComicLab on Patreon and get a second, exclusive podcast — Pro Tips — and other great rewards.