Thank you!

The Kickstarter for the new Evil Inc graphic novel ended yesterday at a little over $17k. I’ll be processing the book in the next couple weeks, and keeping my backers updated on the progress. If you were too late for the Kickstarter, watch for your chance to preorder the book.


Dave and Brad answer a wide variety of questions submitted by Patreon backers, such as: Are gag comics sustainable on the Web? We’ll ask Dave, who has been doing a gag comic for 20 years. Also… How can I use hashtags more effectively? How many updates do I need to build a readership? How can I keep my energy up at conventions?

And… Doctor, does my Winkerbean look Funky to you?

But first, Dave has moved into his new house, and his high-speed internet connection… isn’t.

Show notes

  • 8:00 — Are gag comics sustainable on the Web?
  • 26:11 — Using hashtags more effectively
  • 39:14 — What is the minimum update schedule required to build an audience
  • 52:05 —Keeping up your energy at comic conventions

Patreon — What they’re saying

This week’s Evil Inc storyline featuring Desi and Iron Dragon has inspired some great comments from my Patreon backers…

“Aw, Desi’s a total sweetie and a hottie; the whole package!”

— M.O.

“Is there a fetish Desi doesn’t have?”

— D.L.

“Fifth panel, biting her lip +1,
last panel kiss, total romance for the win!”

— M.H.

Of course, the Evil Inc After Dark scene that spun out of the Desi/Iron Dragon storyline was a hot topic, as well…

“Hot, sexy scene and loads of puns, too!
Sex and humor are my favorite.”

— M.H.

And a NSFW commission featuring Elastic Man garnered this reaction…

“Very nice…and now tell me
you didn’t have Evil Inc NSFW already in mind
when you came up with Elastic Man.
He’s an all-in-one sex toy,
waterproof and battery-less! :D”

— R.R.