Before I tell you about the new comic Kickstarter launched over the weekend, I want to get to a couple housekeeping items…

OK, OK, OK, I know I’ve been touting this new idea of presenting the Evil Inc graphic novel in half-page installments, and it doesn’t take a super-genius to see that today’s update is closer to three-quarters of a page. (And, Thursday’s update, obviously, will be a quarter-page — looking very much like the former comic strip.)

Nonetheless, I wanted to take the risk of confusing a few of you because I really wanted to show a group shot of the core Evil Inc / Fairmount Branch team. You’ll see some old faces along with some new ones. We’ll be learning more about them as the story unfolds.

A new comic Kickstarter?

comic Kickstarter

That’s right! Alex Heberling — who just celebrated her first year coloring Evil Inc — has launched the campaign for her new book, The Hues Volume Two: Scarlett. This comic Kickstarter kicked off late last week, and in it’s opening days it is getting darned close to being halfway to its funding goal.

That’s probably because of the fantastic rewards she’s offering her backers. If you scroll down the site, you’ll see a tremendous variety of great stuff that you can get in return for backing one of the best webcomics out there. Heck, if you missed the first book, this is a chance to snag that one and this one, and help out a deserving creator in the process.

I read the Hues. I think it’s one of the best of the best, and Alex’s work is top notch. This is a great chance to get on board something special — and help out a member of the Evil Inc team, all at the same time.