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Patreon — What they're saying

Here are some recent comments from my Patreon backers. For a slideshow of some of the best of what I'm posting for my backers, check out this (cruelly cropped) slideshow.

“Fascinating history lesson. More kudos to Alex H for what she brings to the table. A good colorist adds so much nuance and detail and Alex is better than 'good'.”

— M., commenting on an AMA column in which I discuss my philosophy on working with colorists

“Oh, this is hysterical. We all have that friend who just HAS to go there.”

— S.O., commenting on a recent Evil Inc After Dark page.

“I enjoy your Cape Carnival stuff and your After Dark stuff. Any chance of getting a Cape Carnival After Dark?”

— D.L., ... who may have started something...

“This is a fantastic read on every level. I'll have to pursue any subsequent Acts!”

— L.W., commenting on the bonus reward, a 290-page eBook from Dave Kellett... Drive: Act One

“I love both of these. Lightning Lady's facial expression in the first one was really nice, and the single father in this one is giving a nice Alpha Male expression.”

— Mr. N., discussing a NSFW commission

“That is one blissed-out man in Panel 6 there...”

— S.O., commenting on an Evil Inc After Dark page