Death and taxes… the only two things in life you can count on. And Grimmy has ’em both covered.

Patreon update

There were 29 Patreon-exclusive updates in March, practically one for every day of the month! Here’s a breakdown of what my backers received last month.

farmers_daughter5 — Evil Inc full-page previews

4 — NSFW Evil Inc After Dark (full-page updates)

4 — NSFW sketches

3 — NSFW commissions

3 — Pin-up sketches

3 — Evil Inc sketches

2 — Bonus cartoons

2— Digital wallpapers for desktop/smartphone/tablet

1 — NSFW Courting Disaster

1 — Discount offer on commissions

1 — Advance notice on Early Bird Specials available on the Evil Inc Kickstarter

Death and taxes, part two

So, originally, today’s comic featured Grim delivering the following punchline:

“I could never get batteries into my iPod.”

When the comic when up over the weekend for my Patreon backers, one of them pointed out that iPods — even the early ones — ran on rechargeable batteries.

The funny thing is… originally, I had written “I could never get batteries into my Walkman,” but I decided that reference was much too dated. And, with another birthday coming up later this week, I guess I was feeling self-conscious about my age, so I changed it.

Thanks to my thoughtful reader, I was able to correct it before posting it here.

47. Why do you ask?

death and taxes

Speaking of the slow march towards the Inevitable, Grim was inspired by this throw-away appearance from this strip. I like the idea of an Angel of Death floating around the halls of Evil Inc. Although I think I like him faceless better than I like him with the floating Skeletor-style mug.

The Grim Reaper character also helped usher in the end of the original Evil Inc comic strip, appropriately enough.

death and taxes

Kickstarter update

As of this writing, we are thisclose to 100% funding FUNDED FUNDED FUNDED on the Kickstarter for the ninth Evil Inc graphic novel. In fact the next two pledges ought to put us over the top. There are still two free/reduced delivery spaces under the $60 tier. And tons of great rewards across all of the tiers — including a NSFW download that’s not available anywhere except Patreon.

And if you’re a retailer — or know one — don’t miss the RETAILER SPECIAL: Five (5) copies of Vol. 9 plus five copies of any combination of the other Evil Inc books (choose from 1-9). ALSO, you’ll get your name printed in Vol. 9 in a List of Supporters! Only $100!

The Kickstarter ends on April 18, so jump in while there’s still time!