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What they’re saying

Here are some recent comments from my Patreon backers…

“While the Gadget Girl
and Dragonelle pictures are sexy,
I find myself most fascinated with that
curious look on Amazing Amazon’s face.”

— C.D.

“Must be nice to get out of that hot,
sweaty leather catsuit and into some nice,
cool chainmail. I’d go questing
with Catnip any day!”

— M.O.

“Brad, I REALLY like the way you draw eyes
and faces to represent expressions.
One of my favorite parts
about the expressions on the females
when they orgasm.”

— D.H.

“This is really hot!”

— S.S.N.

“I’m a touch curious what ‘position’
Amazing Amazon had in mind for Gadget Girl,
especially now that she has,
ahem, even more to offer.”

— C.D.

“Ah, excellent go ahead and
just delve into my mind more, Brad.”

— H.L.