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Every month, my patrons at the $1 level (and higher) start their months off right with a new desktop wallpaper featuring swanky Evil Inc art and some background images for their mobile devices. Here’s one of the recent wallpaper/background combos…


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My patrons get to see the full-page versions before they get collected into the graphic novel. Just look at the difference…


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Vincent Price

I’m spotlighting some standout Halloween comics from Evil Inc, and I want to give this character — from the pre-reboot Evil Inc — a little love. Dr. Vincent Leonard is a pretty obvious homage to the great Vincent Price (Vincent Leonard Price), who was famous for several great horror movie turns (like The Fly and all of those wonderful Roger Corman flicks) — and, of course, for providing the epic rap at the end of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

From his Personnel File: Dr. Vincent Leonard is the director of the Mystics & Occult Department, reporting directly to Dr. Whoosh. He is working on magically changing his last name, but he knows that this, like all magic, comes with a Price. Here’s his first appearance in the strip.


Here’s the first storyline that Dr. Leonard appeared in

Dr. Leonard also played a key role in the Messiah Complex storyline — in which, the Memo believes that it is the Second Coming. That storyline starts here.


Dr. Leonard was also pivotal in the Ruby of Ragnoor saga… That storyline started way back here.


TV Horror Hosts

Here’s a great storyline from my previous comic, Greystone Inn, that I’m kicking myself for not including in the Halloween Special eComic. In the story arc, a group of TV horror-show hosts descend on the set of Greystone Inn comic strip to shoot cameos for the fictional newspaper comic strip.

I tired to touch all the bases. You’ll see Elvira, Commander USA, Count Scarey, “Grampa” Al Lewis, Count Zappula, Count Gore DeVol, Dr. Acula, Son-of-Ghoul and (of course) the MST3K gang,

Click on the thumbnails below to read the comics.









Speaking of the voluptuous vixen of vampires and vice, here’s my all-time favorite Elvira cameo in Greystone Inn:



Tales from the Evil Inc Archive

You can get the best spooky stories from 13 years of daily comics — including Evil Inc, Greystone Inn and Phables80 pages of Halloween fun for under two dollars! — Or join my Patreon at any level and download it for free!

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Don’t miss the Halloween Special! It showcases the spooky best from some of our members. [No subscription necessary to read the comics.]