Dr. Who s on First – Evil Inc by Brad Guigar (Oct. 15, 2014)

Miss Match swoops down to join Elastic Man — still in his Weeping Angle disguise — looming over the fallen hunter.

Miss Match: You knew he was a fan of Dr. Who?!

Elastic Man: Of course!

…My gastroenterologist, Dr. Hau, is down the hall from his cardiologist…

The sign on the door says: Dr, Hu – Cardiology

Miss Match: Wait… WHO’S his doctor?

Elastic Man: Hu

Miss Match: That’s what I’m asking you!

Elastic Man: His doctor is Hu.

Miss Match: I don’t see how!

Elastic Man: No, I see Hau. He sees Hu.

Miss Match: WHO?!

Elastic Man: Naturally.