Welcome to a brand-new year of Evil Inc! The current storyline is nearing its fitful climax, and then we’ll launch a new arc — and, eventually, the print collection of the new Evil Inc. That’s after the Evil Inc After Dark book(s)*… and somewhere in there, we’ve got to fit in Volume 10 of the Evil Inc Annual Report series that collects the comics after Vol. 9 but before the reboot.


It’s gonna be a busy year. I’m glad you’ve decided to come along for the ride.


Speaking of wild rides, my Patreon backers and I finished out 2016 strong! Once again, I posted more than one exclusive post for every day in the month — 34 total! Here’s a look at what my Patreon backers received in December:

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Here’s a roundup of how previous months in 2016 broke down: January… February… MarchApril… June… JulyAugSeptOctNovDec

Now… on to 2017!

New Year Partycon

Once again, I was fortunate enough to be an invited guest to the New Year Partycon in Allentown, Pa.— half comic/steampunk/sci-fi/fantasy/gamer/geek convention, half New Year’s party. Needless to say, it was, once again, a sheer blast. There was some excellent cosplay, terrific programming, and a fun group of people gathering to ring in the new year.

One vendor that really caught my eye was T.B. Fantasy Crafts. They were selling handmade gaming boxes — for D&D, Magic, etc. — that looked amazing. And the prices were really surprisingly reasonable. I bought the box below — sized to hold three decks of Magic cards — for $35. Not to shabby. My older son, Alex, who has recently become interested in the game, was thrilled when I brought it home. They also had dice boxes for D&D, magic potion bottles (that lit up) and all sorts of stuff.

*Did he say “books” — plural?! As in… “more than one print collection of NSFW comics”?!? He did. I’ve got a concept for this new Kickstarter that I think you’re gonna love! Stick around.