TRANSCRIPT – Endangered Species Evil Inc (Sept. 29, 2014)

Zin-Xow-7: You’ve built an impressive nature preserve on this planet, Colonel…

Colonel Zhirnkov: My clientele is… demanding. many of the species I stock here have gone extinct on their home planets.

<As the Colonel speaks, Zin-Xow pops open the protective helmet that keeps his deadly eye-beams in check>

Zhirnkov: … Take that flock of Ventrillian Dactyloids. Completely extinct in their home p-><

<long shot: the prehistoric flying reptiles plummet from the sky as lasers shoot out: ZOT! ZOT! ZOT! ZOT!>

Zhirnkov: <flustered> Well, I’m sure they’d nested by now

<meanwhile, in a clearing, Mr. Fabulous cares for the wounded Amazing Amazon, her shoulder bandaged…>

Mr. Fabulous: Good news! I found some eggs for breakfast!