Fairmount City in the 70s

Evil Inc After Dark

This week on Evil Inc After Dark, the saga of the Monster Hunter continues! This week, Shimetta the water sprite delivers the (deep) inside word on how Mr. Ross is being treated by his succubi captors.

New chapter!

Today starts a new Evil Inc chapter! Last week, as I was putting some finishing touches on the plot for this next arc, I posted a couple Cape Carnival comics. After Tales from the Con ended, I launched Cape as a replacement. It appears as an exclusive for my $5+ Patreon backers. Out of curiosity, I totaled up everything that I posted online last year (not including social media). As it turns out, if you're not joining us on Patreon, you're missing out on a whopping 85% of what I'm posting! That includes free eBooks, commissioned illustrations, bonus comics and Cape Carnival cartoons — as well as NSFW content like Evil Inc After Dark, Courting Disaster, commissions and sketches.   There's an awful lot going on at all of the reward levels, and with a three-year track record of posting every day, on average, it's easy to see why my backers stick around month after month.


Brad Guigar and Dave Kellett are talkin' comics! In this episode, each cartoonist offers a step-by-step guide to their creative process — from the idea stage to posting the finished comic. Then, they take a moment to talk about how real-life struggles can often interfere with our goals as creators — and that's OK. Finally, a Patreon backer asks how soon is TOO soon to launch a new Kickstarter after their current crowdfunder closes. BUT FIRST, Dave fondly remembers Screwgie, perhaps the only syndicated comic strip written by a baseball hall-of-famer. SHOW NOTES
  • 00:00 — Screwgie
  • 10:49 — What is your creative process?
  • 42:53 — Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly
  • 53:02 — How soon is TOO soon to launch a new Kickstarter?
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