What they’re saying

Last week, I posted a NSFW commission (cruelly cropped above) that featured the behind-the-scenes new-employee orientation of Geoffrey at the hands of Giant Tess.  Here’s a few remarks from the Patreon comments section…

“This is really good comedy
and a sexy piece.
I think I’m liking Giant Tess!”

— M.H.

“Oh man, the puns and double entendre
and … other things …
are flowing freely in this one!”

— K.Q.

“‘Age of legal consent titans?’
It’s awful and I love it.”

— H.L.

Meanwhile, in a recent Evil Inc After Dark page, a flashback scene featured new heroine, Fireworx, in her younger days as a member of the Age-Of-Legal-Consent Titans. That moved one Patreonaut to ask…

“What is Compact Cassette Tape Boy’s
power (other than being evocative
of the mid-late 70s)?”

My response: That would be Mixtape. His superpower was the ability to duplicate up to three superpowers from any superhero on the planet before going into battle. He could change this mix, of course, but only from his headquarters in his upstairs bedroom. He preferred to choose only one power from three different heroes — he considered sampling two or three powers from the same hero to be unseemly. These powers tended to degrade and get weaker with each use… until he got a chance to create a new mix. He was a founding member of the Age-of-Legal-Consent Titans, and worked with them for several years before being eviscerated by talons of the prehistoric pillager, the Pterrorist. His teammates worked feverishly to save his life, but, alas… no one had a pencil.

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Meanwhile, across the Internet, on the left-hand side…

My friends Tavis Maiden and Cory Casoni are Kickstarting the first volume of Binwin’s Minions, and they’re offering some jaw-dropping rewards. Check it out…

 Binwin’s Minions is a wonderful comic that appears on my friend Scott Kurtz‘s Table Titans site. If you want to tell these fellas how truly outstanding their work is, you can do it in person at GenCon this weekend. They’ll be at booth #2754. Be sure to tell them that Your Favorite Webcartoonist sent you.