Fear the mighty middle manager. She can strangle you in red tape and run you through on an ISO-certified skewer. Fearing only OSHA and missing her MBO (Management By Objective), she can bring you to your knees, and document the amount of time you’ve spent there. More about that in a bit.

Patreon update — January

The first month of 2016 was a big one for my Patreon campaign. Members got early access to the ongoing Evil Inc graphic novel — in full-page form! And at the $10- and $20-levels, members got to see all of the NSFW comics that I’ve created exclusively for them.

Speaking of the NSFW comic, Evil Inc After Dark, this story started in January, and will continue into February: Wingman signs in for monitor duty and finds Phenomenal Lass working his shift…

middle manager

And in the ongoing feature — Space Pirates! — Captain Scarr’s libidinous hostage makes a startling revelation. The king who is offering to pay her ransom isn’t the real king. He’s a usurper from a neighboring region.

middle manager

Will Captain Scarr return the princess to her homeworld anyway? The answer will shock you!

Trust me… no one is more surpriseder than me that this thing turned out to have a plot.

Here’s a look at what was posted in January:

5: Evil Inc previews (full-pages!)

5: NSFW Courting Disaster cartoons

4: NSFW sketches

4: NSFW Evil Inc After Dark (full pages!)

2: NSFW commissions

1: Desktop/smartphone wallpaper

1: Arch Bros preview

If you’re thinking about joining — at any level — this is a great time to jump aboard!

No middle manager needed…

I never made it to the level of middle manager, but I’m pretty sure I would have been horrible at it. I’m not great at giving orders. Heck, I’m not particularly comfortable with any involvement in regards to someone else’s work. A middle manager has to do that all the time.

Happily,  I’ve always been fortunate enough to work with people who didn’t need a whole lot of managing. Ed Ryzowksy, the first colorist on Evil Inc, didn’t need a lot of direction from me. And Alex Heberling, who took over the reins in 2015, is a natural self-starter, as well. Her Kickstarter campaign is a great indication of her work ethic.

Heck, even my new intern, Hannah Gregory, a senior at University of the Arts, is the same way. She has already uploaded nearly 100 Webcomics Weekly podcasts to their new home on Webcomics.com — complete with episode descriptions. She’s working on some social-media planning for me next, and before the semester is over, there’s no telling what we’ll accomplish together.

Oh, and she’s an amazing artist in her own right.

middle manager