flushThat flush Iron Dragon heard mighta been me — flush with excitement. (See what I did there?) April was an incredible month for my Patreon campaign.

Patreon, by the numbers

Once again, I was able to attain my goal of posting an average of one exclusive Patreon post for every day in the month. Heck, beyond that, I started experimenting with some stuff I’ve never attempted before. One of those was a proof-of-concept NSFW animation piece. And the other was the first three chapters of an erotic novella I wrote based on the character you see to the right. All in all, in April I posted 31 exclusive Patreon posts (I count the three chapters of the new NSFW novella as one post).

7 Evil Inc previews

6 NSFW sketches

4 NSFW illustrations

4 NSFW Evil Inc After Dark (full-page comics)

2 pin-ups

1 Alternate version of the first-ever NSFW comic* posted on Patreon along with an essay on my thoughts on working NSFW after one full year.

3 Chapters of a new NSFW novella

1 NSFW bonus cartoon

1 Evil Inc sketch

1 Poll — “What do you want to see next?”

1 NSFW animation

1 Quarterly eComic, collecting Evil Inc from January-March.

1 Desktop/mobile wallpaper package

*April 30 was the one-year anniversary of the first NSFW comic I posted on Patreon. It was an uncensored Courting Disaster cartoon, and to mark the occasion, I posted a never-before-seen alternate version of the cartoon. I also posted an essay discussing my thoughts after one year of “working blue.” It’s been a pretty astounding ride, and I’m very much looking forward to the next year.

The response to my NSFW comics has been immense. Here’s another “by-the-numbers” comparison. This one compares my Patreon on April 30, 2015 (when I first offered NSFW content) to April 30, 2016:

410% Number of readers backing me on Patreon

872.9% Patreon earnings

90.73% Average pledge.

What they’re saying

A recent reader comment:

What I think draws me and other supporters to your work is that it is very sincere. You don’t treat your audience like 12 year olds looking for bewbies. Jokes are intelligent and very funny. At the risk of being really pretentious I would argue there is also a huge respect shown for your characters. The story and character development done in the original Evil Inc really shine through in EiAD.

And the goal…

Right now, we need about $370 in pledges to get rid of all third-party ads on all of my websites — including Evil Inc, Courting Disaster, Phables, Arch Bros and Guigar.com.

You can help make that happen for as little as $1 a month.

Flush redux

OK… so I’m dying to know. What’s your thoughts on Iron Dragon as a reimagined armored villain? Do you like the G-Force/Battle of the Planets helmet? How about the nod to Mecha-King Ghidorah? Hit me on Twitter or Facebook and let me know. Flash or flush?