Gimme a shot


How do you change gears on Patreon once your backers have gotten used to certain rewards? But first, did you know Sha-Na-Na opened for Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock? Questions asked and topics covered...
  • Changing gears on Patreon
  • What mistakes would you avoid if you started all over
  • Offering limited-edition prints
  • Preparing your business for an economic recession
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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive. Listen to ComicLab on... ComicLab is hosted on Simplecast, helping podcasters since 2013. with industry-leading publishing, distribution, and sharing tools.

Evil Inc: Under New Management

Read the new Evil Inc from the very beginning of the reboot! Captain Heroic has a crush on Miss Match — but will his romance with Psy-Chick suffer? And who is this new non-super middle manager the CEO has brought in to operate the Fairmount branch of Evil Inc? It's 96 pages of spandex-clad comedy and romance by the Eisner-nominated Guigar. Get your copy now!

Webcomics Confidential

Webcomics Confidential is a video series that I started for my subscription site, I'm making some of the archive episodes public on my YouTube channel. There are now more than 30 shows available, covering everything from how to get more Patreon backers to self-publishing your first book. And along the way, we discuss burnout, web hosting, understanding legal terms, and much more. Be sure to subscribe using the handy button below! This week: Before you launch your Kickstarter — whether it's your first one or your tenth one — there's a few things you should make sure you take a few things into consideration.