Continued on Patreon

Today’s Evil Inc comic will be continued — later todayexclusively on Patreon! This is going to happen repeatedly during this storyline — which is something I envisioned when I first starting doing Evil Inc After Dark in 2015.

In short, you will be able to read the “regular” Evil Inc comic without the After Dark interludes. You won’t be confused as the story goes forward — all of the pertinent plot points will be there.

Reading the After Dark segments will just add a little spice to the storyline.

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So, did you find out about the Kickstarter for the new Evil Inc After Dark book too late? Or maybe you wanted to participate, but it just wasn’t in the budget that month? Good news! The pre-order store is now open, and you can pick up that book, along with Courting Disaster Uncensored, any of the previous Evil Inc graphic novels and the Courting Disaster collections!
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So, here’s the deal. I post new content in my Patreon feed all through the month. And you have access to that as soon as you pledge.


I send my backers links to entire folders full of the NSFW content — broken down by category — as soon as the payments are processed in the first couple days of each month. One folder has all of the Evil Inc After Dark pages, in order. Another folder has all of the NSFW commissions. Another has all of the Courting Disaster comics, and so forth.

It’s a snazzy reading experience, and it’s a great way to view only the material you’re in the mood for.

If you pledge before the end of the month, however, you’re not going to have to wait long at all to get access to these categorized folders of NSFW goodness! I’ll be distributing those as soon as the payments are processed.

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There’s a lot to see —over 300 NSFW comics, cartoons, illustrations and illustrated stories! And I’m adding new content almost every day! In fact, by the end of this month, I will have uploaded one exclusive post for every day in April.

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Cape Carnival

For the last five weeks, I’ve been doing special bonus comics for all of my Patreon backers ($1+). These are based on ideas that I would have typically sent over to Tales From the Con. But with that series at an end, I figured I’d do them exclusively for my Patreon backers — especially those who aren’t interested in NSFW comics! If you want to see a couple examples, click here and here.

Desktop Wallpapers and Mobile Backgrounds

Every month, my patrons at the $1 level (and higher) start their months off right with a new desktop wallpaper featuring swanky Evil Inc art and some background images for their mobile devices. Here’s one of the recent wallpaper/background combos…

The Big Picture — Full-page Evil Incs!

Patrons at the $1 level (and higher) see the Evil Inc comics before anyone else. AND they get access to full-page versions of the comics! As you may have noticed, I’ve changed how I produce Evil Inc. These days, I’m creating a graphic novel that I release on the Web in partial-page installments. Usually, that means a half-page on Tuesday and a half-page on Thursday.

My patrons get to see the full-page versions before they get collected into the graphic novel. Click on the image below to see it even bigger!

Welcome Luciano!

I’m thrilled to announce the return of color to Evil Inc! Luciano Negreiros has agreed to step in and help with some of the workload.