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Evil Inc #47 — Turn-back Time

You can now purchase the newest Evil Inc eComic on Gumroad and DriveThruComics. Patreon backers get it for free! As Captain Heroic contemplates a relationship with a super-villain, he gets some advice from a Silver Ager who was once in the same boots — and regrets the decision he made. Meanwhile, when Lightning Lady is tasked with sleuthing out who's behind a new disruptive app that's siphoning business from Evil Inc, the World's Gyrate-est Detective uncovers a familiar face. 23 pages, full color, DRM-free PDF

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There are as many ways to read Evil Inc as there are places to read it. Of course, you can always catch the comic in half-page installments here on the main site. And that's the only place to find the complete archive. PHONE-FRIENDLY SOCIAL MEDIA I usually post the half-page updates on my Twitter and on the Facebook Fan Page for Evil Inc. (Be sure to "like" the FB page, otherwise, you may not see the updates when I post them.) FULL-PAGE VERSION Of course, if you want to read Evil Inc in the full-page format that it will eventually become when it's printed, you can subscribe to my Patreon for as little as $2/month and get access to that before anyone else. E-MAIL DELIVERY You can have Evil Inc e-mailed to you upon every update. Just sign up here. You can unsubscribe easily at any time.
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