What they’re saying

Here’s what backers are saying about the exclusive content I’m posting on Patreon

“Horrible pun but love her pose.
One of my favorites for well-endowed women.”

— V.A., commenting on a recent Courting Disaster

“Oh, dear god. What a horrible pun.
I don’t know who should be more ashamed,
you for making it, or me for laughing at it.”

— C.H., commenting on the same Courting Disaster

“Both drawings are great,
but I love MM’s hair. It looks good
fanned out like that.”

— E.G., commenting on a NSFW Artist Edition illustration

“Love Cleopatra;
she’s beautiful.
Thank you.”

— D., reacting to a recent NSFW commission

Patreon-exclusive posts

For longtime readers of this blog, it’s not exactly news that much of my attention has turned to exclusive posts on Patreon. I’ve spoken about the reasons for this repeatedly — both here and in interviews like this one. But the upshot is this — after the majority of my readers installed ad-blockers, I was forced to switch from an ad-supported business model to a patron-supported one.

Once that happened, I had to concentrate on content that you readers were willing to pay for. many of you were willing to simply pledge one dollar a month to support the continuation of Evil Inc — and I was incredibly grateful for that. But it wasn’t enough to offset what I had lost to ad-blockers. After many unsuccessful attempts — the all-ages comic Arch Bros, the PG-13 version of Courting Disaster, single-panel bonus comics, PDF collections, etc. — I landed on the content that you were willing to back financially — NSFW content.

After the first month of offering NSFW content (a grand total of two posts, I might add), my Patreon support tripled. The following month, as I added more content, that new number doubled. And my patreon support has, thankfully, risen steadily ever since.

Since that first month I offered NSFW content — April 2015 — I have been determined to be worth of the support that my Patreon backers were giving me. And that meant setting a goal to make one exclusive post for every day in each month. The graph below shows the results. Since April 2015, I have made about 800 Patreon-exclusive posts. And nearly 50% of those were NSFW.


The bottom line is this: I want to earn your support — whether it’s one dollar or ten. And I’m determined to put the work in to make that happen. If you’re not interested in NSFW content, your $1 Patreon pledge means that I will continue to be able to offer the PG-13 version of Evil Inc here on this site. And that’s something I want very much to continue. And if you are interested in the NSFW content I’m offering on Patreon, you can bet that I’m working hard every week to make that pledge worthwhile for you.

Either way, if you’re a Patreon backer, I want to thank you for helping to keep all of these publishing efforts alive. Now, more than ever, I simply couldn’t do it without you!