A grim future

90% of my content is exclusively on Patreon

Out of curiosity, I totaled up everything that I posted online last year. As it turns out, if you're not joining us on Patreon, you're missing out on nearly 90% of what I'm posting! That includes free eBooks, commissioned illustrations, bonus comics and Cape Carnival cartoons — as well as NSFW content like Evil Inc After Dark, Courting Disaster, commissions and sketches. Click on the chart to go to a larger, interactive version. There's an awful lot going on at all of the reward levels, and with a four-year track record of posting every day, on average, it's easy to see why my backers stick around month after month.

Evil Inc on Amazon!

After a brief delay, Evil Inc: Under New Management, the collection of the first comics after the series reboot, is once again available on Amazon! For more of my work on Amazon, click here.