Patreon by the Numbers

Once again, I achieved my goal of posting at least one exclusive Patreon post for every day in the month. In September, I had 30 posts in all. And three-quarters of those posts were NSFW (highlighted in red below)! Here’s what my backers got in July…

6 — (NSFW) Sketches

6 — (NSFW) Artist Edition illustration posts (11 illos total*)

5 — (NSFW) Evil Inc After Dark pages

3 — (NSFW) Commissions

3 — Evil Inc (full-page version)

3 — Evil Inc previews

1 — (NSFW) Courting Disaster cartoons

1 — (NSFW) Monthly reward package

1 — (NSFW) Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package

1 — Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package

Sound good? You get instant access to over 400 exclusive NSFW posts the moment you join us on Patreon.

* Counting the individual illustrations, my monthly total was actually 35, not 30 (bringing my NSFW ratio to 80%). But I’m far too humble to mention that.


Patreon month-by-month

Here’s a roundup of what my Patreon backers have gotten over the previous months: January 2016 … February … MarchApril… June… JulyAugustSeptOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary 2017 … February … MarchApril … May JuneJuly … AugustSept

Evil Inc After Dark — for a better sex life

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what this lucky stiff had to say…

“…When I got [my copy of the
Evil Inc After Dark hardcover], I started
reading it. I absolutely loved it.

The night I got it, I left it on the table
and went to walk my dog. When I got back,
my wife jumped my bones.

She had apparently started reading it
and had gotten ridiculously turned on
by just a few pages.

We had some of the wildest, craziest sex
we had in a while.

So I want to thank you for that.”

— T., with an unsolicited review
of the ‘Evil Inc After Dark’ hardcover