A healthy diet — of Patreon exclusives!

Of course, this healthy diet starts with a little cheesecake! February was outstanding for my Patreon backers! We had 31 exclusive posts… that’s more than one post for every day of the month — with plenty of exclusives for members choosing the NSFW extras as well as those who didn’t. Here’s the breakdown:

healthy diet of smutty fun11 NSFW Sketches

5 Evil Inc previews

4 NSFW Courting Disaster comics

4 NSFW comics from the Zombie Roomie Patreon campaign

3 NSFW full-page Evil Inc After Dark episodes

2 Wallpapers for desktop/mobile devices

1 Pin-up

1 Discount code for my merchandise at Wizard World Portland

Speaking of a healthy diet…

My appearance at Wizard World Portland was a steady healthy diet of fun. Thank you to everybody who stopped by my table to say hello! It was fantastic to meet you and talk comics for a little while!

2016-02-21 12.43.22

Annie, from Portland, with her complete collection of signed/sketched Evil Inc books — and a signed original.

My friends at Handmade Props

My friends at Handmade Props

I gotta tell you… meeting the Retired Wonder Woman was a treat. She’s funny as hell. Had me in stitches the entire time she was at my table.

OK… maybe not such a healthy diet

Perhaps the most fun I had was wandering around Portland — making use of its tremendous public transportation system — and finding great places to eat. At the persistent urging of Rich Stevens and Fleen’s Gary Tyrrell, I decided to go on a 5 a.m. donut run to Blue Star Donuts.

Blue Star Donuts, around 6:30 a.m.

Blue Star Donuts

Of course, I didn’t bother to check the Website before I left, so I ended up getting there a couple hours before they opened the doors. But that was OK. It just gave me the excuse to go in search of a good place for breakfast — which I found in the form of The Roxy.

The menu from The Roxy

After breakfast, it was back to Blue Star for my donuts! It was soooo worth it. I got a lemon curd/key lime – filled donut that was intense. Actually, the man at the counter gave me two. It’s really the nicest place.

2016-02-21 08.11.17

…And, perhaps somebody who needs to be on a healthy diet…

But, alas, there comes a time when the intense longing for your own family tells you that it’s time to end your travels and return home.

This wasn’t one of those times.

2016-02-21 08.28.23