Patreon — What they’re saying

Here are some recent comments from my Patreon backers. For a slideshow of some of the best of what I’m posting for my backers, check out this (cruelly cropped) slideshow.

“I love this one.
Probably more than I should.”

— B., commenting on a Christmas-themed bonus cartoon

“I love how, between the art
and the dialogue, you can really feel
the intensity of the primal
connection between these two! ”

— M.O., commenting on an EiAD featuring Captain Heroic and Miss Match

“Love this whole strip! ”

— R.G., discussing the same EiAD as above

“Squik squik is my new favorite sound effect.”

— M., commenting on EiAD

“Anything involving Miss Match
would get a million hits on p-hub,
maybe some NSFW animations
could be something fun
for the future!”

— B., discussing an Evil Inc update

“Ok I am so sick of
Xmas stuff already
but this is damn hilarious!
Makes the season more exciting!!”

— J-L., commenting on a NSFW Christmas bonus cartoon