“I coulda worded that better…”

Patreon — What they're saying

Here are some recent comments from my Patreon backers. For a slideshow of some of the best of what I'm posting for my backers, check out this (cruelly cropped) slideshow.

“Brad, these are the work of a mad mind. Gonna lead an intervention once I stop laughing.”

— J., commenting on a running gag that has gone waaaaay too far

“Can't wait to see how she gets out of this jam! ...I love Catnip!”

— D.P., commenting on the new EiAD story that launched this month.

“I'm excited to see the return of everyone's favorite cat burglar. Will she be able to take on two strapping opponents? I'm sure the answer is a resounding YES!”

— M.O., discussing EiAD #35

“I love Lana, this is a great bonus!”

— J.D., commenting on the most recent bonus reward — a 26-page NSFW eComic!

“As always, your awesome alliteration awe-inspires and amazes in an absolutely astounding, advanced and alluring artwork.”

— M.O., discussing a Courting Disaster cartoon

“Yesssss their own strip! Loved this!”

— R.G., commenting on an EiAD one-shot featuring some tangental characters from a recent Evil Inc page.