“I’ll have the usual, bartender…”

Patreon — What they're saying

Here are some recent comments from my Patreon backers. For a slideshow of some of the best of what I'm posting for my backers, check out this (cruelly cropped) slideshow.

“The caption is so crude. And that's funny! The seasonal CDs have always been favorites of mine.”

— M., commenting on a Christmas-themed Courting Disaster

“This might be my favorite commission to date!”

— M.Z., commenting on the holiday commission cruelly cropped above.

“There are a lot of comments that come to mind with that scene, but "Poor Mystic Apprentice" is nowhere on the list. By my count, the guy deserves a minimum of nineteen high-fives.”

— C.D., discussing EiAD #27

“I really hope Gadget Girl is here to stay, she's my new favorite. Definitely want to see more of her.”

— S., commenting on EiAD #27

“That one Galactus eyebrow conveys so much emotion... Brilliant!”

— C.R., discussing a Cape Carnival cartoon

“She always goes for the drumstick.”

— K.Q., commenting on a Thanksgiving-themed Courting Disaster

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