Indie Rock – Evil Inc by Brad Guigar (Sept. 22, 2014)

Miss Match: Ummm… Elastic Man…?

Elastic Man: Call me “Indy”!

Miss Match: Trademark infringement? To do that, we’d need better studio connections!

Elastic Man: OK… Call me “Indie”!

Miss Match: *sigh* Shouldn’t we be trying to find a way off the planet, “Indie”?

Elastic Man: Look at it this way… we’re way more safe in here than we are out there.

…And as long as we’re here, it couldn’t hurt to look for the treasure…

<Elastic Man unknowingly steps on a trip wire that releases a number of sharp stone spikes from the walls>


<One of the spikes has punctured Elastic man’s torso, while another has poked clear through his head>

Elastic Man: OK… That hurt a little.