Webcomics weirdos Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar talkin’ shop! When a listener asks how to recover after a failed con, Brad launches into a discussion of the gambler’s mentality of comic conventions. And Dave launches his newest character, Susanne MacTaggart, inspirational speaker. THEN, if a key to success is making good comics, what should you be focused on learning and doing to make that happen? NEXT, looking back over his decision to launch a NSFW comic series, is there anything that Brad would have done differently? AND Dave mentions the sweet perfection of the title of Danielle Corsetto’s new comic — “BOO! It’s Sex!” FINALLY, what size should your original art be — and why?

BUT FIRST… When doctors say, “STAT!” on medical dramas, what does that mean? And why isn’t it just was cool for copy editors to yell “STET!”

Show notes

  • 00:00 — When doctors say, “stat,” what does it mean?
  • 04:52 — How do you recover after a failed con?
  • 17:45 — Susanne MacTaggart, inspirational speaker
  • 17:55 — If “Good Work” is the key — what should I be focused on learning/doing?
  • 36:26 — Looking back on his decision to do NSFW comics, is there anything Brad would have done differently?
  • 54:57 — Danielle Corsetto’s new comic, “Boo! It’s Sex!
  • 56:45 — At what size should you create original art?