It’s always a welcome interruption. when you receive an important client call during a meeting with your boss. Of course, Cap is no client. But I have a feeling his call is welcomed nonetheless…

Spoilers ahead — Shin Godzilla

The boys and I caught Shin Godzilla at the Ritz 5 in Philadelphia last night, and it was extraordinary! The Ritz presented it in the original Japanese, with English subtitles — which made it a unique big-screen experience. The movie itself was captivating. It’s surprising and engaging — it’s a decidedly new approach to a classic character. But it hold true to the underlying mythos in such a way, that it comes across as genuine.

So here’s the underlying problem with a lot of the Godzilla movies. We don’t really care about the people. The serve two purposes. One is to demonstrate how large Godzilla is in comparison. The other is to run, screaming. But we want to see monsters. (In fact, I’ll argue that Pacific Rim was one of the best non-Godzilla Godzilla movies in recent memory because it delivered on the monsters.) So, if you’re producing a Big-G movie, you have two choices. Bring us an epic monster clash, or… make us care about the people.

Shin Godzilla actually achieved the harder of the two — it made you care about the people.

This movie was “Godzilla” meets “The West Wing.” At its heart, it’s a government procedural. The monster’s lumbering towards Tokyo is played against the plodding of Japanese bureaucracy. We see Japan’s government — at many levels — struggling to muster the cooperation required to address such a threat. In fact, there are so many Sorkin-esque intense-walking-and-talking scenes, I was tempted to scan the credits for his name. But… you know… they were in Japanese, too.

Meanwhile, the scenes with the re-imagined Godzilla were truly eye-popping. The special effects were dazzling, and the creature effects were right on target.

And the ending…?


If you’re in Philly, the Ritz 5 has announced a special encore presentation this Saturday at noon. The rest of you are gonna have to check your local listings.


Of course, you didn’t think I was going to miss a chance to say something about Patreon, did you?!

NSFW comics


The cruelly cropped image above is from the next Evil Inc After Dark, a NSFW comic that’s just one of the many Patreon exclusives I’m posting later this week. This page completes the popular “Sidekicks” storyline. In this tawdry tale, a group of “thwartless” sidekicks commiserate on their slump. But then, they receive a call that could break their dry streak. Fantasia —a villainess who uses your own deepest, darkest fantasies to entrance you — is on the loose!

More Godzilla

With all of the Godzilla-mania sweeping over me, I wanted to share a little of my Godzilla fandom with you.

The first is an infographic I did for the Philadelphia Daily News back in ’99. It’s badly in need of update by now, but it’s still pretty cool.

Click on the thumbnail below for a full-size, readable PDF:


And, from my first comic-strip series, Greystone Inn, here’s a weeklong Godzilla storyline:

Click on the thumbnails below for the full-size comics:







I seem to remember doing a comic that featured a who group of Godzilla kaiju in a roast setting, but I’ll be darned if I can find it! If you remember it, too, maybe you could give me a shout!

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