Introducing Cassandra Cruz

NOW's the time!

Today is a great day to join us on Patreon!

The newest Evil Inc After Dark story — featuring newcomer Miss Star — just updated with a new page today... and it's a scorcher.

The 2-gig LEWDcrate reward is just days away.

And the Evil Inc site redesign is all about delivering your Patreon rewards better — with improved reading experiences and easier organization... so you can find what you're interested in faster.

Just check out, and to see what I mean!

We're nearly there!

The Kickstarter campaign for the second Evil Inc After Dark book is very close to funding in its first week! Many of the reward tiers with special features — like Artist Edition books in which I draw an illustration just for you inside your copy of the book — are filling up fast.

Evil Inc After Dark is a NSFW spin-off from my webcomic, Evil Inc. I started doing Evil Inc After Dark comics on Patreon, and this will be the second printed collection of that work, and it contains work that I'm incredibly proud of.

I started Evil Inc After Dark on Patreon as a way to encourage backers to join the site. But quickly, I started to realize the tremendous potential to tell compelling, erotic stories through the supervillain-centric world-building I had been doing on Evil Inc for over ten years.

Check out the handy graphic below to find the reward tier that you'd like for yourself!