It’s A Trap! – Evil Inc by Brad Guigar 20141125

Miss Match: <As she stalks into a dark room from which a mysterious voice has been emanating> Now listen to me, young man, I didn’t spend thirty-six hours in labor so you could —

<Door slams behind her>

Miss Match: Hoo boy.

Captain Scarr: <from the other side of the wall> Miss match, are you OK?

Amazing Amazon: <Also from other side of a wall> Was it a trap?

Miss Match: <Trying to free herself from a small pool of sticky, green liquid that is slowly being pumped into the room> I’m OK.

Amazing Amazon: But was it a trap?

Miss Match: I’m O…K…

Captain Scarr: It’s a trap, isn’t it?

Miss Match: The important thing is I’m OK.

Amazing Amazon: The important thing is, it was a trap.