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The time is NOW

This is the BEST time to pledge to my Patreon page. Why? Because you’ll get a bunch of rewards without waiting all month for them! You’ll get your monthly reward package — LEWDcrate — this weekend. PLUS a special BONUS reward — a free Spying with Lana eComic is available for download Thursday.

“Spying with Lana”

Ever since I started selling NSFW eComic on DriveThruComics, I've taken great interest in who shows up in the "Hottest Adult" category. It seems every time I look, there's a new Spying with Lana book dominating the category. So, when I went looking for a new bonus reward for you — the best backers on Patreon — I immediately thought of Lana's creator Sean Harrington The art is top-shelf gorgeous, and the writing is slick and very, very funny. I highly recommend it.
"They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but Lana would be happier if she could get away from both of them! When Lana gets caught between familiar faces and a new threat, a quiet night turns seriously UN-friendly!"
Spying with Lana follows the adventures of the titular character. However, unlike most female spies, Lana often disguises herself as a hooker or a sexy secretary (with emphasis on the sex part). Oh, and did we mention that she's a mean fighter, even (perhaps especially) when she's naked? A charm of the series (aside from the rather NSFW content) is the comedy as Lana handles her assignments (and copes with the stupidity/incompetence she sees around her). Sean is also on Patreon, offering some tremendous rewards!

All this and LEWDcrate, too!

So, here’s the deal. I've been posting, on average, more than one post a day for over two years. That's more than 1,200 posts, including 700+ NSFW comics, illustrations and bonuses. And you have access to that as soon as you pledge. I send my backers links to entire folders full of the NSFW content — broken down by category — as soon as the payments are processed in the first couple days of each month. I call it LEWDcrate, and it's over 2 gigabytes of content! One folder has all of the Evil Inc After Dark pages, in order. Another folder has all of the NSFW commissions. Another has all of the Courting Disaster comics, and so forth. It’s a snazzy reading experience, and it’s a great way to view only the material you’re in the mood for. If you pledge before the end of the month, however, you’re not going to have to wait long at all to get access to these categorized folders of NSFW goodness! I’ll be distributing those as soon as the payments are processed. And in those few days in between, you can still access all of the exclusive content by using the content tags to filter only the stuff you want to read right now! There’s a lot to see —more than 700 NSFW comics, cartoons, illustrations and illustrated stories! And I'm adding new content almost every day! Here's a look at some cruelly-cropped samples from recent posts...