Look what’s available for pre-order on Amazon.com!

As we make plans to release Evil Inc After Dark and Courting Disaster Uncensored to bookstores and comic shops everywhere, Amazon has put both books into pre-order status! Let’s get those pre-orders booming, shall we?


This week, as Dave Kellett preps for this weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con, he asks co-host Brad Guigar if this should be the last time he exhibits at the show. Then, Dave and Brad discuss some new approaches to webcomic site design — particularly in regards to longform comics.

BUT FIRST… What is “Drunk ComicLab” and how can you make it happen? If we get 100 ratings on iTunes, Dave and I will be cracking open bottles of Pino Noir and Laphroiag (respectively) and recording a special bonus show.

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Surviving Creativity

Longtime listeners of Surviving Creativity will be familiar with our “Five Question” interview format, and some may even remember several years ago when we hit ECCC and spoke with creators at their booths! We’ve taken those 5Q Interviews and put some of our favorites together into this episode. So travel with us now, deep into the creative psyche of our good friends:

Dylan Meconis – www.dylanmeconis.com
Antony Johnston – www.antonyjohnston.com
Laura Hudson – www.laurahudson.me
Meredith McClaren – www.meredithmcclaren.tumblr.com
Frank Gibson – www.tumblr.beckyandfrank.com
Joelle Jones – www.joellejones.com