Evil Inc After Dark

As you may remember, Desdemona recently summoned a demon to spy on Miss Match. But it seems as if the demon, Surgat, is interested in a different kind of surveillance.

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I’ve started uploading videos to YouTube…

As you may already know, I do livestream events for my Patreon backers. Every once in a while, I’ll break into a spontaneous tutorial or share some information for cartoonists — or I’ll just start telling a story about live in comics. I’ve broken out these moments into a series I call Livestream Chats, and they’re updating on my YouTube channel every week. Episodes of Webcomics Confidential will also appear there. In that series, I dive deep on topics of concern to webcartoonists and other indie creators. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!


With Brad visiting Dave in Los Angeles to attend NCSFest, the guys take the opportunity to record a rare show originating from the same ZIP code. The guys talk about how webcomics — which started in centralized cells like Keenspot — has come full circle, and is becoming more centralized again. Next, Dave talks about what her learned from his recent Kickstarter campaign. Finally, the guys take from questions from $5 Patreon backers including:

  • Should a first-time Kickstarter campaign focus only on hardcover books?
  • Should you make decisions based on practicality — or on joy?
  • How far ahead do you plot your stories?
  • Patreon backers can see video of the recording session here!