ei_after_dark_014f-crop2I always thought “mad scientist” was a misnomer. Dr. Muskiday is a mad engineer, isn’t he?

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Real Housewives of Transylvania

All this week, I’lll be highlighting some of the best Halloween hits from Evil Inc, Greystone Inn, and Phables. No roundup of Evil Inc Halloween comics would be complete without mentioning the Real Housewives of Transylvania. This was an oddball idea that struck me during a brainstorming session one afternoon — and it turned into so much fun, I ended up doing two complete storylines featuring these sexy, spooky ladies. Plus, they’ve landed over in the NSFW section of my Patreon page repeatedly!

2012-10-15-Real-Housewives-Of-TransylvaniaThe first storyline was in Oct. 2012, and it introduced readers to the sultry sextet of scary sirens.


I enjoyed it so much that I brought them back in 2013 — this time anchored by a story about the werewolf woman (Vera Wolf)  dating a younger man.

The Curse of Rafinesque

It’s the (mostly) true story about a botanist who taught at Transylvania University in Kentucky (the place really exists). When he was caught with the college president’s wife he was ousted from campus. Upon leaving, he placed a curse on the institution, and, supposedly, every seven years something tragic happens at Transylvania University. The last “Curse Year”, by the way, was 2011, so the next Curse Year is in a couple years!

I couldn’t resist using the story as the basis for a special Halloween edition of Phables a few years back. It appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News way back in 2006.



I love vampires. Always have; always will.

So it’s no surprise that the bloodsuckers have turned up more-than-occasionally in the halls of Evil Inc.

Here are a few of my favorites.

2005-06-09-Thursday1In a storyline that started alllll the way back in May of 2005, Lightning Lady, former Greystone Inn secretary, goes to Evil Inc to get a job. During the interview, she discovers (above) that the company’s Marketing Department is largely staffed by vampires.

Since then, the fangs have been bared at Evil Inc fairly often.

2011-03-08-Blood-drive-vampiresFor example, there was a blood drive at the office. You can probably guess who that attracted…

2010-10-18-VLADAnd, of course, there was the meeting of V.L.A.D. — the Vampire League for Anti-Defamation.

And this standalone2009-07-10-breakroom — one of my favorites for its subtle darkness.

Tales from the Evil Inc Archive

The best spooky stories from 13 years of daily comics — including Evil Inc, Greystone Inn and Phables80 pages of Halloween fun for under two dollars! If you join my Patreon — at any level — you can download it for free!