Evil Inc: Under New Management PREORDERS!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign for the new Evil Inc graphic novel, “Under New Management,” I’ve got great news —PREORDERS are now open! You can preorder you book today and get it delivered as soon as the books are printed. You can also pick up any of the previous Evil Inc books to fill out your collection, as well as the NSFW books like Evil Inc After Dark and Courting Disaster Uncensored.

The time is NOW

This is the BEST time to pledge to my Patreon page. Why? Because you’ll get a bunch of rewards without waiting all month for them! You’ll get your monthly reward package at the end of this week!

So, here’s the deal. I’ve been posting, on average, more than one post a day for over two years. That’s more than 1,000 posts, including 500+ NSFW comics, illustrations and bonuses. And you have access to that as soon as you pledge.


I send my backers links to entire folders full of the NSFW content — broken down by category — as soon as the payments are processed in the first couple days of each month. One folder has all of the Evil Inc After Dark pages, in order. Another folder has all of the NSFW commissions. Another has all of the Courting Disaster comics, and so forth.

It’s a snazzy reading experience, and it’s a great way to view only the material you’re in the mood for.

If you pledge before the end of the month, however, you’re not going to have to wait long at all to get access to these categorized folders of NSFW goodness! I’ll be distributing those as soon as the payments are processed.

And in those few days in between, you can still access all of the exclusive content by using the content tags to filter only the stuff you want to read right now!

There’s a lot to see —more than 500 NSFW comics, cartoons, illustrations and illustrated stories! And I’m adding new content almost every day!


Here’s a glimpse at some of the stuff you’ve been missing out on…

In the new Evil Inc After Dark storyline— “Try-Outs” — Amazing Amazon has to wrangle a group of new recruits. When the wizard’s apprentice misfires his spell, a chain-reaction ensues that none of them expect!

Meanwhile, in the other Evil Inc After Dark storyline — “Monster Hunter” — a nubile water sprite is summoned to lend a helping hand to a paranormal investigation.

I’ve been posting a few NSFW commissions a week, and some, like the one cruelly cropped above have been getting rave reviews.

All of my $10+ backers got the newest NSFW sketchbook for free this month!

…and as an added bonus, a Patreon content trade with AnimeFluxxx delivered a super-spicy sampler package to my backers.