Meet the princess

Preorders are open

If you missed the Kickstarter for the new Evil Inc After Dark book, "Stick 'Em Up," the pre-orders are now open!
That means you can preorder the new book — in hardcover or softcover — as well as the beautiful hardcover artbook featuring the best NSFW commissions from the past several years! My entire library is there, so if you're missing an Evil Inc graphic novel or the NSFW Courting Disaster book, this is your chance!

Digital goodies

You can also buy digital versions of all of my books. They will be available for download within 24 hours after your order is placed. The digital edition of EiAD Vol. 2 comes with two files — (1) the traditional full-page PDF formatted for desktop and tablet, and (2) the exclusive smartphone edition featured in the video above. The smartphone edition is something I'm really proud of. I'm unaware of anybody in webcomics who has tried to pull something like this off, and I'm downright stoked at the user experience. Since it's a PDF, you should be able to open it in any eBook reader — or in apps like Dropbox, Acrobat, etc. The video above shows the file exported into the Apple Books app.

The new RSS feed

I've gotten a few e-mails about this. The new RSS feed can be found here: