Maybe those old-school baddies were on to something with all the they time spent monologuing. Research shows that talking to yourself improves brain performance. In one experiment, carried out by Gary Lupyan and Daniel Swingley

“Volunteers were shown 20 pictures of everyday objects of the same kind and asked to search out a specific one. Initially participants were shown a piece of text telling them which object to find and left to complete the task in silence. Then, in subsequent tests involving different objects, the participants were asked to repeatedly say the name of the object they were searching for. Across the board, the objects were found more quickly when participants were speaking to themselves.” [Gizmodo]

Sounds like I need to start monologuing more often.

Monologuing Creativity

For example, I should have reminded you to listen to the new episode of Surviving Creativity — a podcast I create with Scott Kurtz and Cory Casoni. The SC podcast discusses the lives of creative professionals. On the latest show, our guest was Erika Moen. Her comic Oh Joy Sex Toy performs amazing acts of sex-education in a delightful and entertaining way.

During our discussion of adult comics, we spend a little time talking about the comics I’ve been creating for my Patreon supporters. If you’d like to hear some of the behind-the-scenes stories behind that feel free to give it a listen. You might learn waaaaaaay too much about what’s going on inside my head (when I’m not monologuing).

Colorist Appreciation Day

Alex HeberlingAnd, having recently celebrated Colorist Appreciation Day, I don’t want to forget to tell you this. You can show your appreciation to Evil Inc colorist Alex Heberling in a very real way. Go check out the Kickstarter campaign for her new book! She’s already at the halfway mark. You can push the campaign even closer to the goal — and get some great rewards in the process!