This month, I’m really excited to bring my Patreon backers a special bonus comic from Gina Biggs. Like me, she offers an NSFW extension of her webcomic, “Love Not Found,”  through Patreon.

Gina’s comic, “Love Not Found,”  imagines a world in which simple act of physical contact has become obsolete. When the main character Abeille, arrives on a new planet, she sets off on a journey of erotic personal discovery. Not only is this a compelling concept, but the art is jaw-droppingly good. Much like “Evil Inc,” you can follow “Love Not Found” on the comic’s public website, and then delve into the patron-only content for the sexy stuff.

And if you like that, you owe it to yourself to check out another project of Gina’s — Filthy Figments. FF is a subscription-only collection of erotic comic created by women and non-binary creators. I’ve been a subscriber, and I can tell you that the quality of work there is very, very high.

Gina’s work is tremendous, and I’m really proud to be sharing it with my $10+ Patreon backers! Enjoy!

Gina Biggs on Patreon