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Writer's Block

In the excerpt from Episode 191 of the ComicLab podcast ("Juggling Multiple Projects"), co-host Brad Guigar lets his own personal bout with Writer's Block seep into his advice... and his friend Dave Kellett is there to talk about it.


Today's show is brought to you by Wacom — makers of the powerful, professional, portable Wacom One This week, we've devoted the entire show to Kickstarter — what's working, what's not, and how you can improve your campaign!

Questions asked and topics covered...

  • Kickstarter is the most tangible, real-world, evidence-based way to show how impossibly HARD it is to reach people, even with a focused message
  • Kickstarter Self-loathing vs “people not hearing about it”
  • Traceable Kickstarter links
  • Managing Kickstarter money
  • Kickstarter post-mortem
  • Kicktraq is almost always hyper-optimistic... here's a better way to project earnings
  • Instagram's is nearly useless
  • Is TikTok going to be better?

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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.

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