Patreon by the Numbers

Once again, I posted nearly one exclusive post for every day in May (30 posts in all). And half of that was NSFW content!

Here’s what my backers got in May…

5 — (NSFW) Sketches

5 — Evil Inc (full-page version)

4 — Evil Inc previews

4 — (NSFW) Evil Inc After Dark pages

3 — Cape Carnival cartoons (My spin-off from Tales From The Con (details) for all patrons $1+.)

2 — (NSFW) Courting Disaster cartoons

2 — (NSFW) Commissions

1 — (NSFW) bonus smut package from Javis Ray

1 — Sketch previewing the new Evil Inc villain Sobek-Ra

1 — (NSFW) Monthly reward package

1 — (NSFW) Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package

1 — Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package

Sound good? You get instant access to over 300 exclusive NSFW posts the moment you join us on Patreon.

This is an extra-good month to join us. Like last month, the storyline is going to bounce back-and-forth between Evil Inc and Evil Inc After Dark. Although you don’t have to read the EiAD to keep up with the storyline, it sure will make it a lot more fun. For example, my Patreon backers already know what happened to Iron Dragon in that elevator from last week. And they’re going to know what’s happening after this week’s encounter as well!

Patreon month-by-month

Here’s a roundup of how previous months in 2016 broke down: January… February… MarchApril… June… JulyAugustSeptOctNovDec… and 2017: January … February … MarchApril … May

Evil Inc After Dark — preorders are open!

Did you find out about the Kickstarter for the new Evil Inc After Dark book too late? Or maybe you wanted to participate, but it just wasn’t in the budget that month? Good news! The pre-order store is now open, and you can pick up that book, along with Courting Disaster Uncensored, the NSFW Commissions comic book, and any of the previous Evil Inc graphic novels and the Courting Disaster collections!
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Webcomics Confidential

In the latest episode of Webcomics Confidential — available exclusively on — I discuss the REAL secret to time management — and it isn’t an app!